Partner Visa Offshore, Temporary and Permanent visa, Subclass 309/100

About Partner Visa Subclass 309/100

Aussizz, as a single window solution provider to all your visa facilitating needs in Australia, extends its services for 'Partner Visas'. This visa enables entry to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis depending on eligibility. Partner Visas issued under Subclass category 309 are temporary in nature while those under 100 are permanent. Both these categories are issued to immigrants on basis of their relationship to an Australian resident.

Visa features

This visa empowers you to enter and stay in this country on basis of your marriage or relationship to your Australian partner. A 309 visa would allow you temporary entry and residence for a period of two years from date of visa application. Partner Visa 100 enables you to remain in Australian territory beyond this two year period, subject to sustenance of relationship with your partner. For either of these Visa types, sponsorship is provided by your partner.

Partner sponsoring such a Visa must either be:

  • Permanent resident of Australia
  • Citizen of Australia
  • Eligible citizen of New Zealand

It may, however, be noted that being an offshore partner of any of the aforesaid categories does not necessarily qualify you for a permanent visa. Your eligibility is subject to conditions of Australian immigration rules and assessment of your application as per standing regulations.

Eligibility for Applicants

Eligibility conditions differ for married applicants, de-facto applicants, and family members.

Married applicants
Your marriage must be considered legal under existing Australian law. Normally marriages treated legal in other countries are valid in Australia. However underage, polygamous, and same-sex marriages are not considered valid in this country. At the time of application for a Partner Visa, you must be legally married.
De-facto applicants
For de-facto eligibility, an applicant must have attained 18 years by age. There should not exist any familial relationship in such applications. In other words, an applicant and his/her sponsor must not be in a descendant-ancestor relationship or vice versa. An applicant and a sponsor must also not have a common parent. Any adoptive relationship is deemed unfit for this category of application.
Family members
Candidates applying through this category could be dependent children or dependent relatives. Dependent applicants must satisfy certain character and health requirements to be eligible to apply for this visa category.

Eligibility for Sponsors

  • A sponsor is also required to fulfil certain conditions:
  • A citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia, an eligible citizen of New Zealand
  • Above 18 years of age in case married
  • Above 18 years of age in de-facto relationship
  • In de-facto or married relationship
  • For married sponsors under the age of 18, a partner could only be financed by sponsors' parent or guardian.
Powers of Visa 309

Partner Visa 309 permits you entry into Australia and resides within its territory till attaining a permanent visa. You would be allowed to pursue educational programs though without any government financial assistance. With a temporary visa, you are allowed to take up a job of your choice. Candidates also are entitled to medical benefits and health care programs.

Powers of Visa 100

Visa 100 empowers you to reside permanently with your partner in Australia. You become eligible to take up any study course or a job within this country. In addition to medical benefits and hospital care, you are also eligible to certain social benefit programs. You might also be allowed to take up Australian citizenship.

Application for Offshore Partner Visa

We at Aussizz assist you in applying for this visa category while you are in Australia. Applications are to be substantiated with proper documentation. Our professionals would guide you through the entire process so that the entire procedure is trouble free.

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