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About Subclass 804

Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804 is issued by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department for parents to stay in this country permanently with their children or stepchildren who are Australian permanent residents, citizens of this nation, or eligible New Zealand citizens. This visa of permanent nature is essentially sponsored either by an eligible Australian sponsor or your child/children permanently settled in this nation.

Your child to become a sponsor must have been staying in Australia as a permanent resident for at least two years. However for children who are fundamentally Australian citizens this condition may be relaxed on grounds of compulsion and compassion. In case you are parent to more than one child you must substantiate that more than half of then are citizens of Australia, permanent Australian residents, or eligible citizens of New Zealand.

While applying for an Australian visa subclass 804, you may include your partner and dependents as secondary applicants subject to fulfilment of certain preconditions. In the event you are a holder of 'Tourist Visa – Subclass 676' processed through ministerial involvement, your application for permanent residency is subject to different eligibility parameters.

Application for Aged Parent Subclass 804 Visa

Application for this Australia Visa category must be submitted in a prescribed format accompanied by documentary evidence and requisite fees. These evidences must always be in English or translated into English. It is advisable to follow an 'application checklist' as published by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department before submission of supporting documents.

Visa application must be accompanied by a charge which covers primary applicant as well as secondary applicants. After verification of your application, additional charges, if applicable are levied for every secondary candidate collectable before issuance of visa. If however your original application is rejected or withdrawn, your initial application charge is not refunded.

Other costs such as police verification and medical examination should be borne by applicant. Even translating of documents to English is chargeable and borne by applicant.

It is important that your application is in perfect conformity to 'application checklist'. We at Aussizz ensure completion of immigration from in proper and accurate manner. An accurately filled in application is processed earlier, whereas an improper application is liable to be rejected or returned. Our professionals being knowledgeable about immigration to Australia offer perfect guidance throughout this visa assessment and verification process.

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