NZ Citizen Family Visa , Subclass 461

child offshore visa

About Subclass 461

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa is specifically meant for family member of New Zealand citizens staying outside geographical territory of New Zealand to tour Australia and reside in this country. New Zealanders to Australia are offered Special Category Visa Subclass 444 which is temporary in nature and granted on arrival to this country. However permanent visa holders from New Zealand are not offered this Subclass 444 visa.

This special category visa subclass 461 is applicable for immigrants who are family member of New Zealand Citizen and yet not holding NZ Citizenship. Empowered with this visa an applicant may work and reside in Australia for a maximum period of five years.

Working of this Visa

This visa enables non New Zealanders to stay and travel in Australia with a qualified New Zealand citizen who falls under the category of special visa holders. Applicants need to apply for this visa kind as a family member of a Special Category New Zealand Visa holder. In the event of several candidates a combined application may be made. Validity of this visa extends to five years from date of issuance.



Renewal of Australian Immigration Subclass Visa 461

This visa is renewable even when your association with a Special Category New Zealand visa holder ceases to exist, provided i) you have been a resident of Australia for a minimum of two years over a period of five years, ii) you are not a part of another special category New Zealand visa holder; iii) you satisfy standard character and health prerequisites; and iv) you held this visa when you last left Australia and are presently residing overseas.

Regulations for New Zealand citizens entering Australia

Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement signed between Australia and New Zealand in 1973 allow citizens of either nation to work and stay in one another's territory without limitations. Subject to adherence to health and character requirements a New Zealand citizen may enter, work, and stay in Australia for an undefined period empowered with Special Category Visa.

Under a social securities scheme introduced in 2001, residents of either Australia or New Zealand who have devoted some time of their working years in doing a job in the other country is entitled to claim pensions from both these nations. Citizens of New Zealand only need to apply for permanent residency in Australia for having access to social security schemes as offered by Government of Australia. New Zealanders meeting transitional pre-conditions are eligible for permanent settlement in Australia.

Applying for this Visa

We at Aussizz help applicants in completing these application forms. All applications are to be in conformity to an available checklist. Our professionals are adept in completing these formalities on your behalf. Care must be taken that applications are complete in every respect including documentation. A completed application form must be submitted along with requisite fees. It may be noted that in case your application gets rejected fees are not refundable. A properly filled in application is processed faster enabling a smoother visa approval.

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