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About Subclass 802

Australia Immigration and Citizenship Department through Child Visa (onshore) Subclass 802 enables children to stay with their parents in this country permanently. Imperatively the parent is either a citizen of this country, a permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. Subclass 802 is a sponsored visa category with sponsorship borne by a parent. In many instances application is also lodged by the sponsor.

Any child aged 25 years or less and willing to stay in this country with parent is eligible for this Child Visa (onshore) category. By virtue of this visa, an applicant may dwell in Australia permanently, and travel in and out of this country for a period of five years from date of issuance of visa.

Working of this Visa

For perfect working of this onshore child visa it is important for both applicant (child) and sponsor (parent) to share certain responsibilities. The parent not only sponsors his child's immigration but also other family members who may be accompanying him/her. Parent's responsibility not only lays with sponsoring child's immigration but also his/her accommodation, living, and financial support as may be required for residing in Australia. This financial assistance is provided for a period of two years since the date of applicant's arrival. An applicant is required to submit a completed application along with supporting documents and necessary fees. In most instances, the sponsor completes these formalities on applicant's behalf.

Applying for Child Visa Subclass 802

Application for this visa type is to be done in appropriate forms supported by required documents and applicable fees. It may be noted that for unsuccessful application visa fees are not refunded. Applicants may have to pay health examination and police check costs, if required. These costs vary from one nation to another. In the event, an applicant is accompanied by dependents or siblings a single application suffices. Your application must be in conformity to a checklist provided.

Obligations of Sponsor and Applicant

Sponsor needs to sign an undertaking by virtue of which he/she agrees to bear financial obligations involved with the immigration process of the applicant. Sponsor further agrees to bear living cost of applicant while residing in Australia. The sponsor through this declaration ensures proper accommodation and appropriate financial assistance as may be required by the child to maintain a reasonable living standard. This assistance is mandatorily provided for the first two years of a child's settlement in this country.

Obligation of parent also extends to offering adequate lessons in English language, and providing information for proper settlement. Any change in circumstances that in any way may affect a child's immigration need also be informed by the sponsor to Australian Immigration Department.

An applicant is obliged to abide by Australian laws and regulations.

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