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About Subclass 101

Child visa (offshore) Subclass 101 is issued by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department for children to remain in Australia permanently with their parent. This is also a sponsored visa type where sponsorship is provided by a parent. The parent should either be a permanent resident of Australia, a citizen of this country, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. In addition to being the sponsor, a parent makes the visa application on his/ her child's behalf.

Children aged 25 years or less are eligible to settle in Australia with their parents with this Child (offshore) visa. A Subclass 101 Visa holder is allowed to reside in Australia permanently, and travel in and out of Australian territory for five successive years from date of issuance of visa.

Visa Application

Visa application for Subclass 101 category is an elaborate process and hence it is advisable for complete familiarity on part of both sponsor (parent) and applicant (child). Applications bear a cost which is borne by sponsor and payable at time of submission. For unsuccessful applications this charge is not refunded. In case there are dependents accompanying an applicant no separate application fees are applicable. Dependents or siblings may make a singular application instead of multiple ones. Health examinations and police checks might also become necessary in certain circumstances which are charged separately. In certain cases documents need to be translated into English which once again involves a separate cost. These costs are variable from one country to another.

It is mandatory that an applicant is stationed outside Australia for making an application for Child Visa Subclass 101. An applicant while submitting an application or collecting visa must necessarily be located outside Australia.

It is advisable to follow a checklist before submitting visa applications. We at Aussizz help in filling these applications and thereafter submitting them keeping in conformity to this checklist. Applications must be complete in every respect including required documentation. These visa applications are usually made online. For paper based applications, applicants are needed to provide biometric parameters such as finger prints or pupil images.

Applicants of 18 years and above must sign a values statement, as part of application. This statement is essentially a guide to living in Australia including it governance. It also contains values and customs followed in this country. We at Aussizz help candidates in understanding these terms so that their immigration is smoother.

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